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Cain And Abel Twins?

There is always a controversy about one Bible Scripture or another… AND I must admit that I have been so confused at times because of the things that some preachers or teachers, say “IS Written,” OR “This IS What This Particular Verse of Scripture means,” until I go digging through the rest of the Bible For Verification of what has been said….. Well, this is what I found so far of one subject…. Were Cain and Abel ~Twins~..?
(Genesis 4:1-2).. AND Adam ~~Knew~~ (Hebrew word -Yada` meaning to lay with or ~know~ intimately as used here, but there are several uses for the word “knew” )… Eve, his wife; and she ~conceived, and bare Cain, (Now here is where the first clue to many tales that are floating off of the tongues of men lies. AS IT IS Written, Adam ~Knew~ had relations with his wife and she became pregnant ~~with~~ Adam’s child and she bore a son, Cain, realizing and declaring Cain to be a man from THE LORD. Because without God we can do nothing… BUT many folks teach that Cain was conceived by Eve from the serpent in the garden to be evil… THIS IS Clearly NOT what IS Written! IS IT?) ..(v.1b) and said, I have gotten a man from the LORD. (2a) .. And she again bare his brother Abel… (Well, the same example applies here, many are teaching that because IT IS Written, that she ~Again Bare~ It is implying that this is the same pregnancy, same delivery, of Cain’s brother Abel, as a ~twin~… BUT, the Hebrew word “again” IS “Yacaph”, meaning; to add to, increase, do it again… and she did it again several more times because Adam was the father of many sons and daughters, (Gen.5:4).. So whether IT Be Written: “again she bare”, or “she again bare”, it still means the same thing… just that she had another son at some point… nine months later or ten years later…. AND in (Gen. 3:20).. Adam called his wife’s ~name~ “Eve” ~Because~ she was the mother of ~~ALL~~ living…
Also IT doesn't reference that Adam knew his wife in verse 4 of chapter 5 for every time he begat many sons and daughters, so why must it reference that Adam ~~KNEW~~ his wife a second time in order to bear a second son Abel? It also has at this point dropped Cain and Abel from the written lineage.. they are not even listed in the lineage of Adam in: (Gen. 5) nor (I Chronicles 1) as in (Luke 3:38,) Jesus came through Seth, the important point.... Again when Seth was born it did state that Adam knew his wife again, but it doesn't state whether this was the third birth or the fifteenth, just that Seth was born to Adam,  through which the lineage of Jesus Christ the Son of God would come...
There are many ~tales~ of this verse, one is that Cain & Abel both had twin sisters, where IS IT Written? There is a tale that Cain was the offspring of an adulterous affair by Eve with the serpent.. and then Adam came into her and she conceived Abel in the same pregnancy... making proof that they were twins...And making their sin sexual when their sin ~WAS~ the same as all through history and as ours today, “Disobedience unto God’s Way, HIS Commands”.. In fact there are many different renditions of this account, BUT… from what I have found there IS No Divinely Written Proof… By which The Comforter testifies to us of these things.. So in the fear of adding to or taking away from the written words, AS IT IS Written in (Deuteronomy 4:2) & (Revelations 22:18) warns against, I dare not assume to add to or make changes to  the Scriptures, but only to accept them in good faith, AS they are written…
Another thought to consider, The Book of Genesis was penned down by Moses, who also wrote the rendition of the births of Esau and Jacob, Isaac’s sons AND, he referred to them as twins, how they struggled in the womb…(Genesis 25: 21-25) Since Moses wrote both passages, although this too is a controversial issue, it seems that he would certainly have made it clear that Cain and Abel were also ~twins~… AND yes, there were interpreters and translators that wrote the Bible, into English, but it still holds a distinct difference in writers style. IF you read the writings of a certain author very much you begin to see a type of order, a fingerprint in their delivery of points, the same as you find in a certain artist, work is identified by their unique strokes with the brush, a writer delivers his messages in the same manner each time… Example, the Zane Gray series, IF I did not see the name of the author or a title of the story, I would recognize the style of writing as that of Zane Gray…So IF you read a Bible Book enough the style of the writer becomes evident…Just like I can’t read some folks writings because of their style, and I’m sure some folks can’t read mine, unless they learn to recognize my writingprint… Try reading the things that John wrote, and then compare them to Luke‘s… And OF Course, we must do this under the guidance of the Comforter, The Holy Spirit Who, THE LORD God sends to ~testify~ to our hearts the Truth OF the things that Are Written…
Esau and Jacobs births are referenced as representing two nations, two manners of people.. This is not hidden for us to seek out this information, nor to make assumptions of… and Cain and Abel were pointed to as examples of the difference between righteous and evil… lessons taught of the error of our ways through disobedience, and the opposite, humble obedience to God’s Will and Way… and The need to walk by ~~FAITH~~… they carry a message in their life story, although short….
(Hebrews 11:4) … BY *Faith* Abel offered unto God a more excellent sacrifice than Cain, by which he obtained witness that ~~he was righteous~~, God testifying of his gifts: and by it he being dead yet speaketh…. (Good example for us to pay attention to today.)
(I John 3:12)… Not as Cain, who was of that wicked one, and slew his brother… And wherefore slew he him? (why did he Cain kill him Abel his brother?) Because his own works were evil, and his brother’s righteous.
Obviously spurred by the evil jealousy of vain thinking which is written of throughout the Bible.
Some folks use this verse, however, as ~their proof~ that Eve had relations with the serpent and that Lucifer, the devil was indeed Cain’s biological father… BUT, we gotta get the picture into focus.. SO read:
(I John 3: 1-11) and it will be clear that As Jesus Said in: (John 8:44).. “ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.” *IF* we prove obedient to God The Father, then we resist the temptation of the devil as it is written in (I John 3:10) whosoever doeth not righteousness IS NOT OF God, neither he that loveth ~~NOT~~ his brother… so it is a spiritual matter, of who we follow that makes the devil our father…. AND, Eve realized and stated that she had gotten a man from The LORD, so when we get the rest of the story the point of The Book becomes more clear….. We just gotta digest *IT* a little at the time in order to learn… Like the mule that climbed out of the well by stepping up on one shovel of dirt at the time…. If the farmer had dumped a truck full of dirt in the well all at one time the mule would have been buried, suffocated, and died, but one shovel at the time allowed the mule to keep, shaking it off and stepping up until he could walk right on out of the well….. Amen?
(Jude 1:11) .. Woe unto them! For ~they~ have gone in the way of Cain, and ran greedily after the error of Balaam for reward, and perished in the gainsaying of Core…

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